Year 5 Maths Homework
Children can practise their times tables regularly at home using Time Tables Rockstars:

There will be a weekly Maths homework assignment posted on the Khan Academy Website to consolidate the work we have been doing in class.

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To Use Khan Academy
  1. Go to the Khan Academy Website : https://www.khanacademy.org
  2. Click login (top right)
  3. Click the ‘Continue with Google’ option. You may need to click the ‘allow’ option in the pop up window if you are doing this for the first time.
  4. Sign in by typing in your school google email address.
This is your Inspire login @sat.education. e.g 11SmithDav@sat.education
  1. Enter Your inspire password
  2. Check that your name is in the top right hand corner to ensure your progress is saved.
  3. Your homework assignments and due dates will be on your start-up page.
  4. Choose an assignment and click ‘Start’.
  5. Use a pencil and paper to work out the answer and then type it into the box.
  6. If you get stuck, use a video
  7. Have fun!

Remember to practice Times Tables Rock Stars too!

If you are unable to access the internet at home, we will be running a Year 5 homework club on Tuesday lunchtimes.

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