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We are working on the Read, Write Inc. Spelling scheme of work for spelling. Every week we will post our spelling focus and example words for you to practice at home.

The expectation is that all children will be able to spell the Red words (these are words that should be spelt correctly by the end of Year 2) that we review, and that most children will be able to spell the Orange words (these are words that should be spelled correctly by the end of Year 4).
All the children will follow the Read Write Inc Units for Year 5 with support being given to review and revisit spelling patterns from Years 2, 3 and 4.

Spelling for week beginning 14.12.18
Focus: - ence 

intelligence, silence, magnificence, patience, independence, obedience, difference, absence, evidence, violence

Spelling for week beginning 10.12.18
Focus: - ent -ently

frequently, urgent, innocent, confidently, different, magnificent, decently, efficient, silently, absent

Spelling for week beginning 26.11.18
Focus: - ibly and -ably

understandably, comfortably, suitably, adorably, suitably, terribly, incredibly, possibly, responsibly, visibly

Spelling for week beginning 19.11.18
Focus: silent t

soften, glistening, castle, whistling, listener, fastening, hustle, rustling, thistle, nestle.

Spelling for 12.11.18 (Orange Words)
different, build, calendar, eight, eighth, answer, favourite, complete, disappear, imagine

Spelling for week beginning 24.9.18
Focus: -ible

horrible, incredible, edible, legible, sensible, invisible, impossible, reversible, responsible, possible

Spelling for week beginning 17.9.18
Focus: silent b

thumb, numb, crumb, debt, combing, bombed, tombs, climber, doubted, subtle

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